Home Health Aides In New York City

Devoted Home Care (DHC) is providing care for seniors, who are in need of regular outpatient care, having no opportunity to attend other specialists for medical reasons. In this case, our qualified doctors will take care of the patient round the clock, carrying out all the necessary manipulations and procedures, e.g. injections, bandages, sampling of analyzes, etc.

Thanks to the professionalism of our specialists, your relative will receive the utmost care, being guided by the individual characteristics of his organism and preferences. Our services are really better from other such agencies.

Who is Home Health Aide?

Generally, home health aide is prescribed for patients, who are in need of health monitoring, drug selection, bandaging and therapy. We work even with people having patients with physical or mental disabilities. Our service is also important for all the seniors with limited mobility. Your relatives will not have to leave their home, being surrounded by care and comfort. Moreover, they will continue to treat and recover with no less effectivity. Such people are constantly facing life-threatening problems. Our caregivers are trying to prevent and alleviate suffering by all means, using careful evaluation, pain treatment and other physical symptoms. We also provide all the kinds of psychosocial and spiritual support to the patient and his relatives. This is undoubtedly very convenient, as you will worry less. If your close relative needs such a service, we are ready to discuss it with you right now.

Conditions our Home Health Aides support:

Home health aide is usually used when there are such diseases:

  • Stroke Recovery;
  • Parkinson’s disease;
  • ALS;
  • Dementia;
  • COPD;
  • Other Special Needs.

Only true professionals are working for us. Impressive certificates, talent and skills will exceed all your expectations, their collective, conscientious and coordinated work helps them to take care of patients with maximum solicitude. All employees also have insurance. Our employees are constantly improving their skills of home caring, passing an annual 12-hour course.

Home Health Aide duties for New York residents:

  • Vital Sign Monitoring;
  • Support for Ambulation and Mobility As Needed;
  • Mental Stimulation;
  • Companionship;
  • Escort to Appointments;
  • Running Errands.

HHAs provide a number of different services for the patients in their care. When needed, they assist in basic tasks such as bathing, feeding and dressing. They can monitor and remind patients to take their medication, assist with patients’ physical and occupational therapy routines and, in general, provide much needed companionship to the clients they are assigned to. HHAs are required to keep detailed notes of the progress of patients in their care and must promptly report any significant incidents that may arise to nurses or other health care professionals. Although they cannot perform all the duties of a licensed nurse or physician, such as prescribing medication or treatments, they frequently carry out a doctor or nurse’s directives. Other duties an HHA may perform include light housekeeping, preparing meals for the client, running errands and scheduling appointments for the client.

How much does it cost to hire a home health aide?

HHA, which can reduce the placement of patients in nursing homes by 23%, is less expensive than the official one. The cost of our private services varies, depending on many factors, such as time, spent by the employee, the amount of procedures, location, treatment of adults, seniors or children, need for medication, etc. However, our agency always tries cooperating with clients, realizing how important the financial issue in treatment is. You can always contact us to get the most detailed individual consultation about all the prices for our services. Eventually, all your losses are recoped as every patient for us is special and our care is always on the level.

Find Care Today

Our agency is one of the best Home Health Aides in New York. First of all, we are focused on quality personal service. We appreciate our professionals, constantly arming them with all the necessary knowledge and tools, providing them with constant support and control. This encourages members of our team to focus on providing excellent caring services to our patients and families.

We Deliver Home Health Aides who:

Alas, life dictates its conditions. We can not afford to stand by the patient’s bed all the time. Our company clearly understands providing a service that improves patients’ quality of life.

Our employees undergo 12-hour annual training in order to meet all the modern requirements and to be aware of new methods of working at home.

We will find a common language with any client thanks to spiritual conversations, caring and knowledge of the psychological characteristics.

Customers do not feel uncomfortable and stressful next to us. You can contact us round the clock, because we are always there, wherever you need. We take care of patients, like them to be members of our family and you can be absolutely calm, trusting both the health and life of your relative in our hands.




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