Homemaking for Seniors & Elderly In New York City

Both house dust and dirt can be harmful for people with poor health. But sometimes older people simply do not have enough strength or physical ability to clean up. Our assistants are called upon to help in such situations. They can easily cope with washing dishes, cleaning, cleaning, ironing, changing clothes and other no less important things. If necessary, we will not have difficulty going to the store or buying the necessary medications. Trust professionals! Our employees have acquired an extensive experience in home affairs, being able to solve any domestic problem. Our company guarantees a qualitative solution of all the tasks set by you to our friendly and responsible employees.

House Cleaning Services for the Elderly

Nowadays such services are deservedly attracted more attention and are becoming more and more popular. While your elderly relative enjoys life with a book and a cup of tea, stroking the cat, our employee can clean up the house. We appreciate every client and want you to be satisfied with our cooperation. Everybody, who have already addressed us, trusts us and we sincerely want to justify your trust. We are professionals in our business and will be happy to help you in looking for the best home staff to work in your family. That is why any kind of your pity will be taken into consideration to achieve the best result. You will always find things in that very place where they used to lie before. Our company has been providing services to improve your quality of life for 20 years, having an excellent reputation. We will free you from unnecessary worries, making the house even more cozy!




Comprehensive Homemaker Services

The purpose and mission of our agency is to instill a culture of caring for seniors and to demonstrate the maximum level of service and quality of living conditions for aged people. We will pick up the right employee for you as soon as possible. He will do all the housework, keeping it in perfect cleanliness. All candidates have work experience and recommendations from previous families. The staff of our agency personally conduct the initial interview, testing, collecting a complete package of documents and checking all the recommendations. If necessary, candidates are sent for training. We guarantee professionalism. Rest assured, their work will be fully organized and your relatives will not experience stress. After all, they will not have to worry about when it is worth washing windows, ironing things, putting things in order in the wardrobe and closets. Our employees are professionals, enjoying their business!

The cost of our services

The cost of all services depends on the individually discussed list of necessary works, the room size, its location, the complexity of the work, cleaning supplies used. The wider the scope of responsibilities, the higher the cost. Here it is worth to clarify with the agency’s manager what duties are standard for our employees, and which are additional and can affect the price growth.

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