What is home care and who is it for?

People have been looking for the eternal youth secret since ancient times. Eventually, there will come a point at which years are to take their toll, and our elderly relatives who once cared for us need care themselves. Sometimes it is difficult to cope with all these household tasks. Our goal is to provide the elderly with the assistance friends or relatives can not operate with. To give up work in order to carry for an elderly relative is an inadmissible luxury and our conscience does not allow to leave those who need help one-on-one with their problems. Our services are aimed at improving the quality of senior life. They will always be well-groomed, feeling themselves in complete safety next to our specialists. Our skilled caregivers will always find an individual approach.

Let's find out more about our services.

What services does a home care provide

We work on an individual program with each of our clients. Personal care aide helps elderly even with limited mobility. The daily care of our employees makes it possible to improve their life quality.

We offer a huge range of services, which is even difficult to list:

Hygiene procedures, help with movement and walks

Cleaning, washing, ironing, buying and preparing food

Supervising the treatment

Grooming like bathing or getting dressed

Helping people with Alzheimer's disease or dementia

Bed linen change

In case you or your beloved one needs additional care, we are always ready to answer your call and take your requests with maximum understanding. We will also help with the entire list of actions. We always wait for your call!

Unique approach to home care

Devoted Home Care was founded on the idea that individuals should receive kind, compassionate and qualified care tailored to their unique needs and in their preferred surroundings. Often, older people become emotionally stunted, overly touchy, suspicious. We know that it can be overwhelming to welcome a stranger into the home. Because of that, we are training our professionals both on high-quality care and interpersonal relationships as well.


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Only true specialists work with us

Our staff always strive to become the best in their sphere. Our affordable prices do not indicate bad services. In fact, we perfectly understand, the help to close people is important even when there are no special financial possibilities. Our specialists are constantly undergoing tests and further training, having insurance. We are always ready to help you.

Compassionate and qualified home care

People of any age want to be independent, without giving relatives any troubles. But life is unpredictable. Young relatives are torn between the need to equip their own lives and help the elderly. Such assistance is not temporary, but perpetual — if children become more and more independent over the years, then it's the other way around in old age. The most effective and optimal decision is to entrust care for your elderly to our skilled private professionals who will be next to the patient anytime. Our specialists will treat you as a family. We always try to keep your dignity. Thanks to more than 20 years of experience we have found an approach to different families, as everyone is striving for the same goal: to live in safety, to relax, to see how children grow and develop, to feel harmony, entering the house and seeing the eyes of elderly parents, filled with life-like brilliance.

Aging in Place with Devoted Home Care

Modern elderly people are more inclined to spend their last years in their own homes. Fortunately, this is possible thanks to our services and industrious professionals. We believe that real professional help should be based on the individual characteristics and needs of the person in a comfortable environment. Your relatives will remain both healthy and happy. Shopping, cleaning, cooking, minor repairs or regular drug support. A desire to live fully and independently, without turning yourself into a burden for loved ones, often contradicts the capabilities of an aging organism. Since all the needs of people are always individual, differing from each other, we are always based on your requests and recommendations, adjusting to the desired lifestyle. This applies to communication, walking, cooking and cleaning. It does not matter, short-term or long-term care is needed for your relative — our employees will faithfully fill out all your assignments.




Specialty Senior Care Services

At the age of 60 and over, people start to shun society. Characters of people do not change for better over the years. An elderly person, tired of poor health and loneliness, can hardly control his mood. There is a large percentage of patients with depression among them. Therefore, a person who has devoted himself to caring for the elderly must be a subtle psychologist, having both stress-resistance and endurance. We try to communicate with people, trying to understand them. We will build reliable and trustworthy relations. No matter what kind of disease befalls your relative, we will always treat your situation with understanding.

Cost of Elder Care

Each case is special, in most of the cases care will be paid by your insurance carrier, but in other instances there are several factors the cost of our services can depend on:


Presence of recommendations


A range of duties

Time schedule

Insurance Coverage

Please contact our intake department at 347-745-6600 to discuss your options.

Areas We Service

Devoted Home Care provides high-quality service in 5 Boroughs of New York and Westchester.