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Dementia Care in 5 Boroughs of New York City and Buffalo

And you aware of such a wonderful phrase? “The house is one of the most pleasant words.” Home atmosphere is especially important for the elderly, suffering from dementia. They are easier to cope with diseases, staying in a cozy home atmosphere, where they have lived for many years and experienced a majority of positive emotions. Believe us, both walls and corridors of hospitals have not brought anyone a special joy yet. We do our best to ensure the care of your relative at home is of high quality. The term “dementia” refers to the deterioration of mental abilities caused by trauma or a brain disease. Among the main symptoms can be observed:

  • bad memory;
  • significant deterioration of vision;
  • behavioral changes;
  • problems in communication;
  • illogical thinking.

Dementia greatly hinders a person in daily life, as well as in communication with others.

What are the benefits of treating dementia?

Sometimes, elderly people with this illness and their relatives, living with them, can face serious security problems. Problems can occur anywhere: during walks, when swimming, in communication. Their behavior is often very difficult to explain. Such people can even confuse people. Our specialists always closely follow the patients, not allowing them to commit acts that can be harmful or even dangerous for their life/health. They also provide an excellent care, dealing with them daily in order to improve their condition. Thanks to our professionalism and rich experience, our specialists will provide patients with a comfortable stay in their own home.




A little bit about personal hygiene

There are situations when patients lose their sense of individuality and significance. In such cases, our caregivers are usually ready to help them. They are aware of the basic psychological aspects of such people, helping them to feel both comfortable and self-sufficient. There is no secret if one person has dementia in the family, then all the other family members suffer from this. Sympathy, anger, despair – all these emotions are mixed with each other. Of course, a patient experiences mental deficiencies, being often lost and frightened of everything, happening around him. But do not forget patients need sincere and powerful support to feel as well as possible. Our specialists always find an approach to any type of person, relying on their individual qualities and characteristics. Our caregivers usually plan their day, starting with cooking, easy cleaning/laundry, games and activities aimed at training the brain and ending with reminders about taking medication and assisting in walks.

Temporary care

Be sure our company DevotedHC is able to provide absolutely any service of temporary care for the elderly. For example, our specialists can take care of the patient in your absence. We can come not only to your home at any convenient time, but also to accompany him on trips or any other places. We are aware of caring for people with dementia is an extremely difficult task. However, thanks to us you can rest a little, not worried about anything while your patient will be safe with our specialists.

The baggage of specialists knowledge

All the psychology features of people suffering from dementia are known to our specialists. It is difficult to surprise them with something or put them in an awkward situation, where they will be helpless. They are not afraid of either incorrect and aggressive behavior, nor any other oddities that may arise when communicating with a sick person. Our caregivers know how to find the right approach in such situations, to calm the sick and give the right drug.

Our DevotedHc specialists know such modern techniques as the Montessori method for patients with dementia. Thanks to the acquired skills and rich experience, our caregivers know all the necessary methods and approaches to people with dementia. They also come up with all the possible measures, due to which the disease recedes into the background.

24/7 Live updates and support

Even if you are away from your loved one, there is an opportunity to get photo and video reports of our caregivers. We are always ready to provide any records of our actions.

Getting dementia help in New York

Specialists of DevotedHC are always happy to help your family. If you have a desire to get our help – call us and our consultants will answer all your questions.

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